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. . . is that they are unique. Beginning with American Fraktur in 2003, the concept, purpose and production of our books have differed from others on the market. Here’s how those differences have inspired our book formatting.

Concept and Purpose

Emily designed American Fraktur believing it to be the first-ever all-ages coloring book. Her goal was to help others discover their “inner artist” and make it easy and fun for them to create art. To appeal to adults, she designed the book as a series of artworks to finish and frame. To help her youngest users feel proud to display their creations, she wanted the art to look “finished,” even if minimally (and inartistically) colored in.


Meeting these challenges required perforated pages; single-side printing; and heavy paper, able to stand up to all media except oils. For a finished look, Emily chose ivory paper similar to the antique papers of her original frakturs; and sepia printing ink virtually identical to the handmade inks she often uses for fine lines and flourishes, stems, edgings, animal eyes and other details. Those features benefit any colorists who don’t like filling in backgrounds or fine details.  

To assure balance and harmony in the finished work, Emily hand-traced the Color-In outlines from her finished paintings, selecting those most adaptable to a coloring book format, easiest for novices to complete, and most likely to appeal to both young and old.

To help with color selection, Emily provided full-color thumbnail images of her originals, and a media guide listing specific colors to match those used by early fraktur artists.

Wild Things, Emily’s latest book, includes these special features, plus a more extensive usage, media and color guide. A wider variety of styles and options truly makes this a book for all ages and skill levels.

Taken together, these early decisions give us our competitive edge:

  • First, we avoid every common customer complaint expressed by buyers of other books – meaning our books actually are relaxing, fun and easy to use.
  • Next, we include every wished-for feature those buyers have asked for, and many more besides – all to enhance your coloring experience and give you lots of options to suit your own wishes, mood and skill level.
  • You will never find an incomplete outline in our books – like those with a big blank space in the middle that says you have to finish the design! We figure that if you wanted to draw, you could just buy a sketch pad, right? (For a lot less money.)
  • Instead of drawing all new, never-colored outlines, Emily hand-traces each Color-In Outline from one of her original works of art. This takes the guesswork out of whether a finished outline will be balanced when colored in.
  • We include full-color thumbnail images of those originals right in our books, as quick guides to detail and color. And you’ll find larger images of the originals right here in our Image Gallery.
  • We include an extensive usage, media and color guide in our books, loaded with tips, ideas, suggestions and recommendations. See our Usage Guide right here.
  • Our unique Finish-&-Frame option adds lasting value, beyond the temporary fun of coloring. Every easily removable Color-Ins Outline page is designed as a standalone work of art. Leave them in the book as your own Collected Works. Or frame, display & enjoy for years to come.

Ongoing Customer Support

We guarantee free replacement of books received in damaged condition, if the seller offers no help. We provide contact information in our books, and here at Contact Us, for our buyers to share feedback, ideas & suggestions; we invite them to share pictures of their completed projects at Since releasing our first publication in 2004, we have gotten 100% positive feedback. No complaints.

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and how we avoid them all