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Welcome to – —the Web-home companion to the Color-In Books™ by artist Emily Fotis. Her books are designed to be fun for all ages and skill levels.

If you’’re a kid, we hope you still have plenty of time in your day just for play. If you’’re a grown-up, we hope you still remember what it’’s like to play!

Because, young or old, you can create a whole new world in your imagination. And no one has to tell you to focus, to concentrate, to make it better, to try harder. You live in that world and when you’’re there it is perfect. How free and delightful!

We aim to spark imaginative play in kids and adults alike – –to encourage one and all to discover, explore and enjoy the universal urge to create.

Our mission is to bring art to life and life to art.


Creative play, imagination and relaxation are all great reasons to color. But our unique user-friendly books give you even more. Like all things well designed, Emily’s books are beautiful to look at, a joy to use, and truly provide lasting value. And that’s why, since 2004, we’ve had 100% positive feedback: Happy Buyers. No complaints.

For details, check out Get the Most – our User Guide to the special features & options that let you color it your way. There’s a page on our Unique Format and a Comparison Chart to other books on the market. On the Reviews page, you’ll find some helpful reviews of our books.

Our Image Gallery features full-color images of Emily’s original paintings, paired with their Color-In Outlines from each book. Helps you identify details, and serves as a color guide for those who wish to use similar colors.

Tutorials brings you how-to videos and links to articles with creative tips & ideas for colorists. If you find other good ones, Contact Us with a link and we’ll post it here, too. We’ll add tutorials such as how to mount, mat & frame your work, and take suggestions on others you’d like.

Where To Buy is an updated list of our online and brick-&-mortar sellers, with links to buy online or visit independent sellers in your area.  

We hope you’ll find a friendly and useful companion to your coloring adventures. We also hope it will become an exchange of ideas between us – but that depends on you. We truly welcome all constructive feedback or criticism, plus comments, ideas, suggestions or questions. So, go ahead: Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you! is where you’ll find announcements about new sellers, products or upcoming events, plus alerts & links to any time-limited discounts offered. You can also share your best ideas, suggestions and questions.


And now... to the books!


Here's our Latest - And possibly Greatest

Wild Things - A Color-In Book for all ages!

Wild Things - Front Cover
Wild Things-back-small-cover

And here’s our Classic First from 2004 – 100% 5-star ratings

American Fraktur Paint-and-Color Book

American Fraktur - Front Cover
American Fraktur - Back Cover